Carvetian was established in 2010 as an independent operator of authorised funds in order to compliment the existing service provided by Yealand Administration Limited. The two companies are aligned in culture and values as they share staff and offices, however are run independently. Carvetian is now part of the Yealand Group, wholly owned by Applerigg Limited, the investment company owned by the Scott family.

Our principles

The Carvetian service model encompasses the key areas of application of care, dedicated and accountable teams, and a ‘one size does not fit all’ approach. We opt not to have ‘relationship managers’, preferring that all face to face contact is at a senior level. Regular meetings at a director/senior management level are an essential component of interparty relationships.

Our style

Carvetian’s sole business has ultimate responsibility for all aspects of the funds under its care, including rigorous investment oversight, regulatory compliance, risk management and fund administration (delegated to Yealand). The day-to-day fund management is delegated to a range of investment managers.

There is a comprehensive risk focussed oversight regime in place and the compliance monitoring programme is a key feature of the company. Carvetian completes regular portfolio liquidity stress testing and portfolio monitoring in order to ensure that no breaches of regulatory investment and borrowing powers or a fund’s investment objective occur. Due diligence, including annual site visits, is carried out on all outsourced fund management and fund administration providers ensuring that each entity is compliant with regulatory requirements. Carvetian is also responsible for the appointment and removal of fund managers appointed to the funds.

Carvetian completes regular reviews and updates of fund documentation, such as KIIDs, SIDs and prospectuses. These are available upon request.