18 March 2020

Business Continuity – COVID-19

Yealand Group continues to monitor the developments regarding COVID-19, our primary objective is to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our staff and to deliver uninterrupted service to investors and clients.

Carvetian has a business continuity plan which is regularly tested and sets out procedures to follow in the event of a major business interruption or event. In particular, each of our staff members have remote access which allows them to work remotely and provide the same operational services as they would were they to be in our offices.

Our response to the COVID-19 situation includes the following:

  • Testing the capability for staff to work from home and introducing split-team working and/or staff rotation between home working.
  • We have established contingencies for operational processes and controls and we are satisfied service impact to investors and clients will not be interrupted.
  • Communication to all staff on best practices as set out by the UK government.
  • We have contacted all of our critical third-party providers including our fund custodians, bankers, auditors and depositary to confirm they will be providing uninterrupted services.
  • All non-essential business travel has been restricted, and the use of Skype and other technologies, instead of travel, has been encouraged.

During this unprecedented event we may experience high call volumes, where possible we would ask you to email your usual contact or carvetian@yealand.com.